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What's DVBLA about

  SNJBP has created a new and exclusive opportunity for C-Level Execs and Business Owners. We know that your time is valuable. 

       We host numerous events each month for like-minded decision makers for our DVBLA members and their invited guest (s).

  Through these events, we promote our members through SNJBP's online edition and social media to promote you and your business.

   Members participate in monthly interactive speaker series roundtables with unique topics from business to personal branding to informational and relevant news topics.    

  But most importantly, we provide a venue for members to spend time with, meet and reconnect with the movers and shakers who continue to make South Jersey the best place to work, live and raise a family.  

    DVBLA members are dedicated to helping build and foster relationships between members.  Doing business together is just one way that through collaboration, business leaders like you can help to further economic development and growth in South Jersey.  


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